Unsaid 5 – Now Available, Still!

Featuring new work by:

Brian Kubarycz, Jonathan Callahan, David Hollander, Anne Valente, Trent England, Rozalia Jovanovic, Peter Markus, Shane O’Malley Firek, Pamela Ryder, Alexis Almeida, Paul Maliszewski, Tom Laverty, Allison Titus, Cooper Esteban, Joe Wenderoth, Michael Kimball, Greg Ames, Brian Evenson, Danielle Blau, Catherine Foulkrod, Robert Kloss, Jason Schwartz, Michael Copperman, Evelyn Hampton, Jeffrey LaMonde, M Sarki, Liam O’Brien, Erika Moya, Matt Bell, Anne Carson, Robert Lopez, Jenny Gropp-Hess, Erika Lorentzsen, Richard St.-Germain, Luke B. Goebel, Kate Wyer, Amber Sparks, Lincoln Michel, Monica Harhas, B.R. Smith, Andy Devine, Keith Nathan Brown, Scott Garson, Blake Butler, A. Minetta Gould, Joseph Celizic, Dawn Raffel, Kim Calder, A Wolfe, Tom McCartan, Elizabeth Miksech, Lito Elio Porto, Sean Patrick Hill, Alexandra Chasin, M.T. Fallon, Joseph Scapellato, Sasha Fletcher, Stephen Gropp-Hess


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2 Responses to Unsaid 5 – Now Available, Still!

  1. Yes! Thanks, Kubarycz! For those of you who have yet to order U5, we have a few remaining copies that can be purchased via PayPal. Go to unsaidmagazine.com and click the “Purchase Unsaid” link. March is National Reading Month. April is National Poetry Month. Unsaid is Unsaid. Spring forward!

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