Advice to Writers: Rule 212

“Approach thought through the slant of your thinking, the word through your go-between words, life through the channel of your life, death through the detour of your death. Thus you will appreciate them from the inside and become familiar with their mechanisms. In the same way, you can approach the book through the book, through its deep ambitions, and adjust the rhythm of your breathing to its breath. Every wager is first of all a wager with yourself. You have to open the casing of a watch to enter into time’s secret. Never be early or late for a word.”

Edmond Jabes

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3 Responses to Advice to Writers: Rule 212

  1. Brian K. says:

    The itinerary of the signifier and the detour of the drives.

  2. Brian K. says:

    “As an image for a drive and its satisfaction, Lacan liked to refer to Freud’s evocation of a mouth kissing itself.”:

    “In the drive, is not this mouth what might be called a mouth in the form of an arrow? — a mouth sewn up, which, in analysis, we see indicating as clearly as possible, in certain silences, the pure agency of the oral drive, closing upon its own satisfaction.”

  3. l. e. porto says:

    rule 212 rules; i shall paste it to the inside of my brainpan, upside-down.

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