“Adieu Adieu” – Profane Illuminations and Surrealism’s Assault on Light and Vision

Guillaume Apollinaire – “Zone” (1912)

You are weary at last of this ancient world

Shepherdess O Eiffel tower whose flock of bridges bleats at the morning

You have lived long enough with Greek and Roman antiquity

Here even automobiles look old
Only religion stays news religion
As simple as hangars at the airfield

Alone in Europe you Christianity are not antique
The one modern European is you Pope Pius X

. . .

You sip a liquor as burning as your life
Your life you drain like eau-de-vie

And stride home to Auteil
To sleep among your fetishes from Oceania or Guinea
Other forms of Christ and other faiths
Lesser Christs of dim aspirations

Adieu Adieu

Slit throat Sun


Luís Buñuel and Salvador Dalí
Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Man Ray
Prayer (1930)

Alberto Giacometti
Suspended Ball (1931)

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