Art and Art Education as Central to University Studies and An Index of Modern Political Life

[F.W.J.] Schelling‘s parting shot, in the last paragraph of his final lecture, is a sharp reminder to the state that its quality will be judged by its contribution to public and private art.

In closing, let me say that it is a disgrace in those who have a direct or indirect part in governing the state not to have familiarity with or receptivity to art. Nothing honors princes and those in authority more than respect and encouragement of artists. It is a sad and shameful spectacle when those who have the means to promote art’s finest flowering waste their money on tasteless, barbarous, vulgar displays. Even though the public at large may find it hard to grasp that art is a necessary, integral part of a state founded on Ideas, we should at least recall the example of antiquity, when festivals, public monuments, dramatic performances, and other communal activities together made up a single, universal, objective, and living work of art.

–F.W.J. Schelling, On University Studies (quoted from E.S. Shaffer’s “Romantic Philosophy and The University of Berlin”)

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