T. S. Eliot’s Magdalenian Draughtsmen vs. Nietzsche’s Prehistoric Murderers and Self-Mutilators

–Jean-Pierre Vernant delineates a compelling new vision of ancient Greece that takes us far from the calm and familiar images of Polykleitos and the Parthenon, and reveals a culture of slavery, of blood sacrifice, of perpetual and ritualized warfare, of ceremonial hunting and ecstasies.

Walter Burkert
“Sacrifice, Hunting and Funerary Rituals” (1983)

For your further consideration:

–For Bataille, . . . art of prehistory offers the earliest traces of nascent yet fully human consciousness — of consciousness not yet fully separated from natural flora and fauna, or from the energetic forces of the universe. A play of identities, the art of prehistory is the art of a consciousness struggling against itself, of a human spirit struggling against brute animal physicality. Prehistory is the cradle of humanity, the birth of tragedy.


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