Syncope – Nude Ascending

Eadweard J. Muybridge
Woman Ascending a Stepladder Two Steps at a Time
Plate 110 from Animal Locomotion (1887)


1: loss of consciousness resulting from insufficient blood flow to the brain : faint
2: the loss of one or more sounds or letters in the interior of a word (as in fo’c’sle for forecastle)
3: a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected in that they deviate from the strict succession of regularly spaced strong and weak beats in a meter

Origin: Late Latin, from Greek synkopē, literally, cutting short, from synkoptein to cut short, from syn- + koptein to cut

“I have to begin where everything begins, in blindness and shadows.” –Anaïs Nin

St. Teresa’s monastic cell at the Convento de la Encarnación, Ávila

La Monte Young
(b. 1935)
“The Well Tuned Piano – hour 1”
“The Well Tuned Piano – hour 4”

(excerpts from a continuous five-hour syncope)

Steve Reich
(b. 1936)
“Electric Guitar Phase”

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