Femme d’Aluminium II

These are the advances, the attitudes, I see as I pace the galleries of the Museum. Over the years such dramas have become easier to see, though they play out before me in ever-finer nuances. The dialogue consists not of heard utterances or even names of characters, but only roles within which private persons seem to disappear, gestures they are seen to perform, so that more than anything else, all is simply stage directions now made flesh under my old observing gaze. The Museum becomes a theater in which I see enacted the same struggle within which I myself will disappear each evening, though even more profoundly, as I dress and step into my studio, alone within equivocating zones. There, daily, I wreak my miracle, turn living figure – though it be dead – into a display, elaborated for learning and delight, for an enlightened public, or at least one capable of straining for delight.

–Brian Kubarycz, “Vestiges”

Robert Longo
Men In The Cities, 1979
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

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