Preview of Unsaid Six: Pastor Raised Pork Made Many Ways, by Robert Lopez

He still innocent only older and handsomer, still singing the harmony songs, singing about his lord up in heaven, digging in the dirt with them ugly boots and shoes, women standing round like they happy all the time, him there sucking on a cigarette with that crusty bowler askew, with his pants bagged up around his waistcoat, snapping them jaunty fingers and smiling widely, talking about his daddy the gentleman minister, gentleman farmer, about his pastor raised pork made many ways, sopping up them biscuits with the succulent juices. How his daddy used to would wake him up early in the morning so they could pray to Jesus together, beg forgiveness for their many transgressions together, the filth they dreamed of at night for instance, because Jesus knows about the filth they dream of at night, and the two of them had to save their mortal souls together, had to get down on their knees to do it right, had to be good Jesus men together, that’s what his daddy said, that they had to be good Jesus men so they could go out there and tend to them hogs and keep the business on a paying basis. The both of them out there with the hogs all day long, praising the glory of his name, his father had himself a lovely voice, too, singing about how Joshua fit de battle round Jericho, about walking dem golden stairs, about how I, John saw my number, all day long together with the harmony until quitting time when they could sit down to supper together and thank Jesus for his bounty. And then they put the frame job on him but good so off he goes and maybe he don’t ever come back, like his daddy did before him, his daddy who is old and decrepit now, enfeebled up in the rest home, waiting on a great getting up morning, going to meet his maker, but that don’t bother him none at all, he knows his daddy will go to heaven straight away because he has the light of the lord inside him and so what does that tell you about the man, what does that say about his good heartedness, his spirit, still looking handsome like that, still killing the ladies who come around to hear him sing the harmony songs, still innocent and loving like his daddy the gentleman minister, gentleman farmer, dying every day like that in the rest home only to remember when it was the both of them out there slopping the hogs and singing the harmony songs about their lord, the both of them even to this day damned good Jesus men.

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