The Magic World View

“Imagine for a moment – if you possibly can . . . “

~ Marcel Mauss

“Fashion is the last repository of the marvelous.”

~ Christian Dior

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One Response to The Magic World View

  1. Let me put it this way, though the beautiful and the marvelous are not the same, they have this much in common: they occur only in the singular. A given mind might be either beautiful or marvelous, just as a given poem might be beautiful or marvelous. But the mind, per se, cannot properly be said to be beautiful. We should not say the beautiful mind, but rather a beautiful mind. And even less should we say the marvelous mind. Only an individual mind; because of its utterly unexpected and dazzling powers of association, insight and creativity; can correctly be called marvelous. -BK

    Daniel Heller-Roazen

    Scholar conveys complex ideas clearly — in 10 languages
    By Jennifer Greenstein Altmann
    Princeton Weekly Bulletin

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