Teenage Wasteland

Today I’m listening to Augustine on Librivox, with the music below, by Stuart Dempster and Pauline Oliveros, coming out of the same set of speakers. It’s actually quite a powerful experience. If you haven’t yet purchased the book, or even if you have, you’d do well to give this combination a try.

Where was I, and how far was I exiled from the delights of thy house, in that sixteenth year of the age of my flesh, when the madness of lust held full sway in me — that madness which grants indulgence to human shamelessness. . . . Behold, my God, the lively review of my soul’s career is laid bare before thee. . . . Who can unravel such a twisted and tangled knottiness? It is unclean. I hate to reflect upon it. I hate to look on it. . . . I fell away from thee, O my God, and in my youth I wandered too far from thee, my true support. And I became to myself a wasteland.

–Saint Augustine of Hippo

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