What Does Genius Look Like Today?

Los Angeles Review of Books
“Catherine Malabou on the Brain and Other Topics”
April 2012

Catherine Malabou, a French philosopher who teaches at Kingston University in England, is the author of ‘The New Wounded: From Neurosis to Brain Damage,’ ‘What Should We Do With Our Brain?‘ ‘Changing Difference,’ ‘The Future of Hegel,’ and other books. She speaks here with LARB Philosophy/Critical Theory Editor Arne De Boever.

That night, the one I still recite each morning, that final night, is, like all other nights, not anymore. We drove our horses to the edge of the great precipice beyond which plains appear, the basin where the Dealer worked his business. And we smacked the horses with twin flaming brands as if to make them carry us full gallop. But we had never mounted. We listened for death whinnies and the wind that filled the wide abyss, listened for the beat of horses touching desert floor, the noise of horses bursting, as sure as horses roar when forced into night sky.

And we heard nothing.

–BK, from “Over The Mountain,” Unsaid 6

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