Unsaidquarters – Lone Lagoon (5/23/12)

In a condominium, on the day she heard about the X one, Amelia’s partner died. He lay sprawled back on the mattress. Her partner, she believes, could have been an entertainer if he hadn’t been so brought up by the Mormons. He could have played the Mirage. After the inquest, she will sell the pickup, buy a helicopter and learn to fly it. What she will blink at through the windscreen is pure illusion. Or it is art? A private, basalt airstrip curling into tail of suckling pig. Or is it a dark-pink, briny vein of living shrimp? The water, circus-lemonade in color, will flash out—Ah!—under a gold-tooth solstice sun. And Amelia—rich and leisured and bedazzled—will go down.

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