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“What is at stake in artistic language today is experimentation. And to experiment means, in a way, to be alone, to be celibate. But, on the other hand, it also means that if the artifact produced is really strong, it will wind up producing its own readers, its own viewers, its own listeners. In other words, the experimental work will have as one of its effects the constitution of a pragmatic situation that did not exist before. It is the message itself, by its form, that will elicit both the one who receives it and the one who sends it. They are then able to communicate with each other. And, as you know, sometimes this takes centuries, sometimes twenty years, sometimes three, and there are times when it happens right away. I don’t believe that there are any rules in these matters. But what is beyond doubt is the fact that if the work is strong (and we don’t really know what we are saying by this) it will produce people to whom it is destined. It will elicit its own addressees…”

–Jean-Francois Lyotard


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2 Responses to Send it:

  1. Brian K. says:

    Prolly such an art object would retroactively render its own parents celibate, destroying the conditions of its own possibility of existence. Hot.

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