Cervical Cortex – Lara Candland

• oravit Iona ad Dominum Deum suum de utero piscis •

The Stuttgart Psalter, an illuminated Carolingian manuscript
Place of origin: Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Date of manuscript : around 830 CE
Signature : Cod. bibl. 23

• moby dick: chapter lxxv abridged•

sliding over the great pout
into the mouth of the monster—
diademed king of the sea

the crown bone
the slender mandible
those colonnades of bone
so methodically ranged about

good lord!
is this the road that jonah went?
the temple
where he
with god
in the leviathanical tongue?

in the jaw
of the whale
where others
before you
have stood
& know that
the lord
has made
no other

• moby dick chapter xlii abridged and annotated •

god’s great
unflattering laureate
she’s the magniloquent creator
of the double cervix—
the head sprouting from
the cervical opening
at the top of the spine —
the head
pushing from
the cervical spout
at the bottom of the spine—
o mother—
maternal monster—
leviathanical ghost
sailing off
on your own blood tides—
the small phantom ships
your own spawn
hunting you

• further abridgements of the book of melville •

when queequeg
made a cervix
of the leviathan’s
great skull

and birthed
that wild indian
first expertly
unbreeching him,
then bringing him
into the world
head first,
as the lord intended,

he was pulled
from water
to water

his lungs
and gills
made fish—

as our temples,
mostly water,
with god’s blood,
we have to dig
our foundations
out & build again

Elizabeth Liddle
“Whale Rant”

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  1. Lynne Butler says:

    Awe. Some.

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