Totem & Taboo – The Instruments We Used

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4 Responses to Totem & Taboo – The Instruments We Used

  1. Zack Wentz says:

    Intrigued. Listening now.

    • EP should be out in two weeks. Need to remove most of the tracks from the site until official release. We hope you like it.

      • Zack Wentz says:

        Yes. I enjoy this. Very well executed and captured. Almost like a cross between Unwound and Love Life, with a bit of the darker side of early King Crimson. Certainly eager to hear more. Unsaid in the music biz. Makes sense here. Might enjoy the San Diego project Kata. Not so much similar in sound, but in spirit: dark, evocative, precise.

        • Many thanks for your interest and support of Unsaid and Totem & Taboo. The EP, as I said, will be out in just a few weeks. We spent the day finishing up art and layout. Look for a full album of entirely new tracks in the next several months. Totem & Taboo is going full steam. Unsaid marches forward.

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