Boustrophedonics III

He allowed the changelings to sing not just in the house while I myself pulled the bell, but he would not allow me to use any tools. He had given in written form for me to wait within the orchard while the changelings did his bidding. Which was they should braid his hair in the middle of the village square and that, while they were braiding, the women of the village were to cook for them the dearest quality of meats. This feast they were to receive by way of payment. Once their braiding was done, I was allowed to go out of the garden. I went to where they were praying over their plates. I watched how the women lifted sausages on the golden forks.

–BK, “The Instruments I Used,” The Quarterly 27

Black Holes; or, Boustrophedonic Reading
J. Hillis Miller
Manuel Asensi
Stanford University Press

Boustrophedonics I
Boustrophedonics II

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