Etymology of Being : David McLendon



c. 1300, “condition, state, attrition of existence: an irritation” ; “presence, fact of existing, a room without windows or door; a so-called room of impossible weather” early 14c., “existence,” from Sense of  “that which physically exists, person or object or animal (i.e. that which can be lifted, smashed, broken ) (i.e. human, tree, bee) is from late 14c. (c.1995; Mortality i.e.  i.e. Doomed) i.e (Deleuze—line of flight—from his favorite window, his favorite view, i.e. one who jumps to fall as a form of death i.e. Suicide i.e. A room containing a window in lieu of a door.) i.e Ibid (revised) i.e  The sound hived between sky and ground, when falling i.e. an acknowledgement of silence i.e. a form of attention i.e Art i.e. a struggle against death i.e Mortality i.e Mortality i.e Mortality i.e. Mortality: Ibid: Ibid: Ibid: (Ibid in extremis): Ibid. c. (Undetermined) : “Being” : A brief duration before unbeing begins. (See Mortality: See  : See Doomed).

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