David McLendon – Etymology of December


c. 1000, from Old French decembre, from Latin December, from decem “ten” (from PIE root *dekm- “ten”) i.e. tenth month i.e. October i.e. something lost in this i.e. octo- (“eight”) i.e. eighth month i.e. August i.e. something lost in this i.e. from the old Roman calendar i.e. the Romans began the year in March i.e. who begins a year in March? e.g. the Romans i.e.the Romans i.e. something lost in this.




Excursus: Regarding the modern calendar. October (meaning “eighth month”) is our tenth month. December (meaning “tenth month”) is our twelfth month.

Excursus: Regarding one’s life in the modern world. I have a friend he or she plants trees it’s his or her way of addressing the moonshy confusion of modern life how it flattens the world and crushes a body with grief.

Excursus: Regarding the suffix -ber. An adjectival suffix. The names of the months containing this suffix (September, October, November, December) were named for their proximity to an agricultural cycle i.e. it’s cold out i.e. harvest is over i.e. begin now the canning and preserving of fruits and vegetables i.e. kindling i.e. a cord of wood i.e. the moon i.e. moonlight i.e. moonshine i.e. moonlight shining on water i.e. warmth between bodies i.e. listening i.e. listening as a way of speaking i.e. sharing warmth as a way of listening i.e. listening this way you did not speak and I listened i.e. how you listened I said nothing and spoke i.e minutes i.e. hours i.e. days i.e. time i.e. time the frame none of us can poise to our desired stance i.e. something lost in this i.e. nothing lost in this i.e. the moon how it moves among the trees.

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