All Art is $pecu£ative

“[Claes Oldenburg’s] The Store‘s idea takes off from the premise that all avant-gardist daring is assimilable, recuperable by middle-class culture (“The bourgeois scheme is that they wish to be disturbed from time to time, they like that, but then they envelop you, and that little bit is over, and they are ready for the next’). The projected solution to this dilemma: skip over the illusory stage during which art pretends to escape the condition of the commodity.

— Rosalind Krauss, “A User’s Guide to Entropy”

Based on the idea that the exhibition career predicts the market career Artfacts.Net has developed an “artist career analysing tool”. This tool is aimed to provide professionals with the ability to monitor the career of 30,000 contemporary artists by visualizing key market information. The career analysing tool consists of two graphs. The first graph visualizes the artists exhibition career and the second one his auction career. The art professional can monitor up to four artists in one graph to compare their exhibition and market career. Furthermore a trend line can be added and the time frame can be adjusted.

The ranking chart should be viewed as an aid to understand an artist’s exhibition career in relation to the other artists stored in the Artfacts.Net Ranking System. This chart compares the artist ranking with his auction turnover in absolute numbers.

The ranking-auction relation chart compares the percentual change in rank and auction turnover. The shift in the ranking position is often followed by a shift in the auction turnover the following year. It is possible to compare the exhibition and auction career of up to 4 artists and to view the trend lines for different periods.

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